Make it easy for anyone to create on-brand promotional materials, with Prinkk design & print software.

Prinkk is an online page editing tool, that makes it easy for anyone to produce on-brand, professional marketing materials.

Why Prinkk?

It can be difficult to manage the design & production of a wide range of promotional materials. Different departments, and local offices, often all require their own bespoke collateral, to properly describe the specific service they provide.

Producing all materials centrally can be an administrative headache, and it can be difficult to create artwork quickly enough to meet the local need. But if local staff are encouraged to arrange production of their own collateral, that can also be tricky - they often don't have the time or budget for professional design, nor the skills to produce their own artwork.

Prinkk makes it easy

We deploy you a design & print portal, personalised with your organization's branding. Access is restricted to only those users you add to the site.

Once logged in, users view a library of templates, divided into categories for easy navigation. Selecting a template thumbnail opens the design in the Prinkk page editor. Here users replace the dummy content with their own text and images. Unlike most other web-to-print type tools, users type on the page, as they would if they were using Publisher or Word, so they can see their design come to life in real-time. To keep users on-brand you can lock down objects, and restrict users to house fonts and colour palette.

On clicking Finish, the system generates a PDF proof. Depending on the setup you choose, users can then order prints, and/or download a file for printing in-house, emailing or publishing online. Proofs can be watermarked to restrict distribution until after approval.


Prinkk is available as a managed service, so we take care of the hosting, backups, support and template uploading, removing the need to for you to get involved. Prices are based on the size of your organisation, starting from an all-inclusive £250+VAT per month, plus a one-off £950+VAT site building cost. We make no extra per user, or per design/PDF, charges.

For more information call us on +44 (0)1733 253884 or email

"Through our Prinkk-based site, local staff can create their own professional, correctly branded, marketing materials in just a few minutes"

Jo Fisher, Stroke Association